Teaching Practicum Cohort

2019 Theme: Exploring Your Teaching Presence

In this practicum, TAs will join a 12-18 person cohort to participate in a series of four interactive workshops, one workshop per week. “Exploring Your Teaching Presence” offers a supportive and constructive environment for graduate students to explore how to develop their unique teacher identities by engaging their bodies, voices and personalities. The practicum introduces AUTP participants to performance techniques with the explicit aim of translating/using these skills to support teacher development. The workshop series also offers an opportunity for participants to build connections with students in other programs and disciplinary areas. Through collaborative activities, participants will work on developing their vocal and physical presence, honing their active listening skills, managing anxiety in the classroom, and practicing flexibility and improvisation to respond to in-class situations. Throughout the practicum, there will be guided reflections on teacher identity and development. In order to get credit for the practicum requirement of the AUTP certificate program, participants must attend all four workshops. We will strive towards creating an accessible space where everyone feels comfortable participating/experimenting/ discovering new elements of their teaching persona.

4 Workshops (2 hours each)*:
Introduction/Community Building – February 25th, 1pm – 3pm
Voice/Body – March 4th, 1pm – 3pm
The Space/The Classroom – March 11th, 1pm – 3pm
Improvisation/Reflection – March 18th, 1pm- 3pm

*Participants must attend all four workshops to receive credit for the practicum component of the ATUP certificate.

Learning outcomes:

  • Form a safe and supportive community of learners that can be drawn upon for continued support and discussion.
  • Practice a variety of performance exercises and techniques and identify a series of exercises for continued practice and development.
  • Foster comfort and confidence in the classroom by identifying strategies to combat anxiety.
  • Experiment with playfulness and creativity in the classroom.
  • Connect performance practice to the development of a personalised teaching style.
  • Reflect on your identity as a teacher and challenge stereotypes and assumptions about what it means to be a good teacher.

Please register for this practicum in the Certificate Portions area of the AUTP certificate in EVE.