Certificate Programs F.A.Q.

Explore answers to common questions about our Certificate Programs. If you have queries about program structure, content, registration, or other related topics, you might find what you’re looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions

To register for a pilot certificate program, please visit our registration system and follow the instructions provided to complete the registration process. Be sure to check the specific requirements for each program on our TATP Certificate Programs Website.

Yes, the TATP’s certificate programs are completely free for all graduate students.

Fundamentals of University Teaching Certificate: No. This certificate is open to undergraduate students who are working as teaching assistants at U of T, as well as all graduate students.

All other certificates: Yes. These certificates are only open to graduate students who are preparing to complete their graduate programs and embark on academic teaching careers. It is not a preparation for teaching at the secondary level (high school) nor can it prepare a student for admission to an education faculty, such as the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Yes. You must be presently enrolled in the University of Toronto to attend any TATP workshop or participate in a certificate program.

Yes. We need to track how many people are enrolled in the Certificate Program at any given time. While it is possible to attend a series of workshops and discover suddenly you have enough to qualify for a certificate, you must still register for the desired certificate in order to receive it.

No. While the Workshop Series plays a role in helping students to complete the Certificate Program, the Workshop Series is not exclusive to the Certificate Program. Students are welcome to participate in as many workshops as they like with no obligation to enrol in the Certificate Program. Students enrolled in a Certificate Program must still register for individual workshops in the Workshop Series.

Absolutely! You are welcome to participate in multiple certificate programs based on your interests and professional development goals. Each program offers unique learning opportunities and focuses on different aspects of teaching and educational practices.

Yes, you have the option to complete the TF (Teaching Fundamentals) or AUTP (Advanced University Teaching Preparation) certificate program that you are currently enrolled in. The requirements for these certificates have been updated to allow flexibility in workshop attendance. You can now attend workshops of your choice to fulfill the required number of workshops, rather than specific categories as previously required.

No, you do not need to cancel your registration in the TF or AUTP certificate program in order to register for a new certificate. The pilot certificate programs are separate from the TF and AUTP programs, and you are allowed to participate in multiple certificate programs simultaneously. You can expand your professional development by exploring additional areas of interest without affecting your existing registration.

To cancel your registration in a certificate program, navigate to the certificate in EVE and click on the “request cancellation/transfer of certificate” button. Fill out the form providing further information on your request. Your request to cancel or transfer your registration will be processed within 5 business days.

The requirements vary depending on the specific certificate program you choose. Generally, participants are required to attend workshops, engage in reflective activities, complete assignments or projects, and demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development. Details about the requirements for each program can be found on the TATP Certificate Programs Website.

As a participant, it is your responsibility to keep track of the workshops and practical components you have attended. We recommend maintaining a personal record of the sessions you have attended, including the date, title and duration of each workshop. Your registration and attendance will be tracked in our registration system, EVE, however this will assist you in accurately documenting your professional development activities and ensuring that you meet the requirements of your chosen certificate program.

No, although many TATP workshops are eligible for multiple certificates, workshops and practical components (e.g., microteaching) for one certificate cannot be counted towards another.

Yes, upon successful completion of a pilot certificate program, you can downlead an electronic certificate of completion from EVE. This certificate recognizes your dedication and achievement in advancing your teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge.

Participation in the certificate programs can be framed as a significant component of your professional development journey in teaching and pedagogy. In your teaching dossier, you can highlight the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained from the certificate programs, emphasizing how they have enhanced your teaching effectiveness and contributed to your growth as an educator. You may include a dedicated section or subsection in your dossier to discuss your participation in the certificate programs, outlining the specific program(s) you completed, the workshops attended, and the learning outcomes achieved. Be sure to connect these experiences to your teaching philosophy, instructional practices, and the impact on student learning. For more information on how you can articulate your experience with the TATP, visit our Certificate Programs website.

The certificate programs are designed to supplement your graduate studies and support your professional development. While they do not count towards academic credits for your degree program, they provide valuable skills and experiences that can enhance your teaching abilities and career prospects. The certificate programs cannot be added to your co-curricular record.

If you have any further questions or need clarification about the pilot certificate programs, please reach out to our programs coordinator. We are here to support you and provide any additional information you may require to make the most of these professional development opportunities.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to enhance our programs. You can share your thoughts and ideas by visiting our Program Feedback Form. Your input is invaluable to us, and it helps us continually improve our offerings and better meet your needs. Thank you for helping us create a more effective and responsive learning environment.

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