TA and Course Instructor Awards

The University of Toronto acknowledges the work of teaching assistants, and the contributions they make to teaching and learning at this institution, in a number of ways, including the following awards:


Since 2003, the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program has awarded the Teaching Excellence Award to TAs across the university. Please visit the TA Award page for information on eligibility and learn about past winners.

2022 Winners TAs:

  • Elio Colavito (Department of History)
  • Alexa Fitzpatrick (Department of Biochemistry)
  • Amanda Greer (Cinema Studies)
  • Cinthya Guzman (Department of Sociology)
  • Alexandra Martin (Department of Political Science)

2022 Shortlisted TAs:

  • Tommaso Alba (Department of Economics)
  • Connor Bennett (Department of English)
  • Avesh Chadee (Department of Cell and Systems Biology)
  • Salma Emara (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Celia Ferrag (Department of Chemistry)
  • Jeremy Gauthier (Department of Chemistry)
  • Daniel Laurin (Cinema Studies Institute)
  • Kamdin Mirsanaye (Department of Physics)
  • Tara Zeitoun (Department of Nutritional Sciences)

Nomination Process, Eligibility Requirements, Selection Criteria


In 2015, the TATP will launch the first-ever TATP award specifically for graduate student Course Instructors! This award will recognize one graduate student whose outstanding work as a sole-responsibility Course Instructor shows evidence of educational leadership, meaningful contributions to course and curriculum development, and impact on student learning.

2022 Winner CIs:

  • Sandhya Mylabathula (Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education)

2022 Shortlisted CIs:

  • Thomas Ayouti (Department of French)
  • Nicole Birch-Bayley (Department of English)
  • Zachary Weinstein (Department of Philosophy)

Nomination Process, Eligibility Requirements, Selection Criteria

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