Advancing Your Teaching Practice

Infographics 101 for the Virtual Classroom

This resource is a concise version of the Putting the “Info” in Infographics Workshop provided by TATP. Visit TATP’s Event Calendar for the future offerings of this workshop. What is

Active Reading Strategies

Overview of Active Reading Techniques Active learning strategies are the various processes that readers utilize before, during and after reading a text to maximize comprehension of reading materials. By actively

Fostering Accessible Teaching and Learning

The Accessibility Context at U of T The University of Toronto is home to a very diverse student population of over 76,000 undergraduate students. Many of these students may face

Collecting Course Feedback

When Drafting Your Questions Consider a specific teaching context you are familiar with from your discipline: e.g. a course you have taught or TAed before. Here is a useful activity

Handling Student Complaint

As a teaching assistant, you’ll soon become familiar with hearing certain complaints from students. Here are some of the most common student complaints and some suggested responses. Common Complaints “I

Writing Assessments

Assessment writing can be a very difficult thing. Many times we have certain expectations and presumptions about our assessments. Moreover, there seems to be a multitude of ways to create

TATP Shorts

Teaching tips courtesy of the TATP staff

Active Verbs for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

The information below provides definitions and attributes for each of the six levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, along with Active Verbs that should be used when developing learning outcomes. (Adapted

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