Teaching with Educational Technology

Infographics 101 for the Virtual Classroom

This resource is a concise version of the Putting the “Info” in Infographics Workshop provided by TATP. Visit TATP’s Event Calendar for the future offerings of this workshop. What is


What is a Cellphilm? Cellphilms are short videos shot entirely on a cellphone (smart device or tablet) that convey a single message. Many of us already use these devices to

Captions and Transcripts

The University of Toronto is committed to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). According to the Ontario Regulation 191/11, section 14: By January 1, 2021,


What is Quercus? Quercus (Canvas) is the University of Toronto’s academic toolbox. Quercus offers an advanced content design, a variety of student communication tools, easy-to-use course administration features and mobile

Active Learning in an Online Environment

The goal of this resource is to generate ideas for using active learning in the online environment. According to Prince, active learning is defined as “any instructional method that engages

Building a Community Online

Alone But Not Alone Students and teachers often worry that online learning can be isolating, and virtual classrooms pose unique challenges to nurturing connections amongst learners. Nevertheless, there are strategies

Supporting Student Success in Online Learning

It is no secret that online classes differ from those with face-to-face instruction. Even the most well-designed and well-taught online courses will require students to develop a slightly different set

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