Preparing for Teaching

Fostering Accessible Teaching and Learning

The Accessibility Context at U of T The University of Toronto is home to a very diverse student population of over 76,000 undergraduate students. Many of these students may face

E-Orientation for International TAs

Register for the E-Orientation Program by following this self-enrollment link Welcome! This asynchronous orientation program and resources hub is designed for international graduate students, especially those who are interested in

Understanding University Policies

Understanding your responsibilities regarding University of Toronto policies The University has developed a variety of policies intended to protect both you and your students. This page highlights some of the

Supporting International Students and TAs

In the winter of 2015, the TATP committed to seeking out a better way of supporting students not familiar with the teaching context at U of T, while still highlighting the rich contributions

Course Design

This guide is not an exhaustive anthology of everything that you need to know about teaching. Rather, it takes you on a holistic tour of how to plan and run

Collecting Course Feedback

When Drafting Your Questions Consider a specific teaching context you are familiar with from your discipline: e.g. a course you have taught or TAed before. Here is a useful activity

Handling Student Complaint

As a teaching assistant, you’ll soon become familiar with hearing certain complaints from students. Here are some of the most common student complaints and some suggested responses. Common Complaints “I

Writing Assessments

Assessment writing can be a very difficult thing. Many times we have certain expectations and presumptions about our assessments. Moreover, there seems to be a multitude of ways to create

TATP Shorts

Teaching tips courtesy of the TATP staff

Active Learning

Overview of Active Learning What is Active Learning? Active learning comprises a wide range of activities that are defined as “any instructional method that engages students in the learning process.

Exam Preparation

As TAs, the task of preparing students to write examinations often falls on our shoulders. Preparing a successful exam review takes time and preparation on your part. You should view

Teaching and Learning with U of T’s Libraries

The University of Toronto library system offer resources and services to support TAs and CIs in delivering courses, and to help enhance students’ learning experience. Where to Start? Supporting students

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