Preparing for Teaching

Low-Stakes Writing Activities

Purpose Low stakes writing exercises can be used to get the class thinking, to open the class, as here, and to make connections between previous learning and the new day’s

Giving Feedback on Written Work

A major component of the iterative writing process is giving and receiving feedback. Unfortunately, this can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching for educators. How can instructors

“I” Statement Based Feedback

Consultative feedback is based on “i” statements. This feedback should be… Objective “I was able to follow your explanation even though I don’t know calculus.” Realistic and concrete “I liked

“How Do I Teach?”

Taken from: M. Weimer, Joan L. Parrett and Mary-Margaret Kerns (2002), How do I teach? Forms and activities for acquiring instructional input, Madison: Atwood Publishing. Interpretation Interpretive concerns are not

Seven Areas for TA Development

NOTE: Duties and responsibilities that must be reflected on the DDAH form are marked by * Roles and Responsibilities Review with your course TAs the Big Picture: what are the

Tutorial Design

When you are preparing to facilitate a tutorial or lab/practical, make sure to speak with the course instructor (CI) about their course and tutorial expectations, policies and schedule. The following

Before You Mark

Helpful tips to make the grading process run smoothly. Establish Expectations With the professor Determine what criteria he or she wants you to use while evaluating student work. Guidance in

Time Management

Teaching assistants always have a long list of things we need to accomplish – and generally, too little time in which to do them. Here are some helpful hints on

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