Teaching Assistants' Training Program Workshops

Online First Contract Training: All Disciplines

Please note that these sessions can be counted towards Job training, but not towards any TATP Certificates.  Nevertheless, anyone is welcome to participate in the event.   This is a 2-hour webinar […]

Building a Learning Community in Your Classroom (Online)

Effective communities are both aspirational and practical. In particular, learning communities provide a space and a structure for people to align around a shared goal. They connect people, organizations, and […]

Microteaching (Online)

Each OnlineMicroteaching session will involve 5 graduate student participants and 2 TATPfacilitators. Participants will take turns acting as instructors by takingtheir students (i.e., other participants and TATP facilitators) through a […]

Peer Review Session (Online)

 The TATP Peer Review sessions are interactive workshops designed to help you elevate your course design skills. This hands-on session encourages you to review and discuss your peers' course materials, […]

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