Teaching Fundamentals Certificate

This basic or introductory-level certificate is open to currently registered students at the University of Toronto who are interested in improving their teaching skills, and who are currently working as teaching assistants, or who soon will be. You do not have to hold a teaching appointment at the time of registration in order to register for this certificate. The workshop can be completed at UTM, UTSC, or St. George campuses.

Requirement: 6 TATP-sponsored Workshops (at least 3 must be core sessions), written reflection (assesses the overall value and impact of the TF certificate program)

Time Commitment: 2-hours per workshop = 12 hours

Deadline: One year (12-months)

A list of the TATP workshops currently being offered are available on the Workshops and Events page. Workshops are identified as either ‘core’ or ‘elective’. Please note that the TATP runs three workshop series throughout the year: Fall term, Winter term, and Summer Session I.

Teaching Fundamentals Certificate Tracking Form (2011) (PDF)

Written Reflection Form


The Teaching Fundamentals Certificate provides graduate students and undergraduate students with the opportunity to interact with fellow TAs and experienced faculty members and staff to learn more about teaching and learning at the postsecondary level. The Fundamentals certificate is meant to introduce certificate program participants to effective teaching strategies and techniques and to broaden their understanding of how undergraduate students learn. Through participation in their choice of 6 (six) interactive workshops, Teaching Fundamentals participants can:

  • identify survival skills for working with students for the first time
  • identify and practise grading strategies
  • identify and practise techniques for managing in-class discussions
  • practise strategies for handling difficult students
  • develop time management skills for juggling teaching duties and thesis work
  • identify different learning styles
  • develop their own approach to teaching through seeing how others teach
  • discuss common TA concerns with fellow TAs and faculty members from across all three campuses


The Teaching Fundamentals Certificate is ideal for those doctoral students who are interested in pursuing academic teaching as a career but who do not have time to complete the AUTP Certificate. It is also appropriate for undergraduate and master’s students who will be working as TAs for the first time and would like additional professional development to help prepare them for their teaching duties.


Interested students must first register for the Certificate program itself and then register for the six individual workshops they would like to attend on the Workshop Page.