Advanced University Teaching Preparation Certificate

This certificate is for currently-registered University of Toronto graduate students only. It is not open to undergraduate students. It targets those Masters and PhD students who are intending to pursue a teaching career in academe. You do not have to hold a teaching appointment at the time of registration in order to register for this certificate. Please note, you may not enrol in and complete the AUTP in less than one year.

Requirement: 10 TATP-sponsored Workshops (at least four core workshops); Teaching Practicum; Teaching Dossier: Written Reflection

Time Commitment:

10 TATP-sponsored workshops (at least 4 core sessions): 2 hours per workshop = 20 hours

Teaching Dossier: ~20 hours to write statement, compile teaching materials, seek out evaluations (+ 1 hour consultation)

Practicum Components:

  • Microteaching I: 2 hours of prep, 3 hours for workshop
  • Microteaching II: 4 hours of prep, 3 hours for workshop, 45 minutes for follow-up meeting
  • In-Class Observation: Normal class prep, 30 minutes pre-observation meeting, 1 hour of in-class observation, 1 hour for follow-up consultation
  • Scholarly Paper: ~20 hours

Written Reflection: 1 hour

Deadline: All components must be completed within a 2-year period (24 months)

Advanced Certificate Workshop Record (PDF)

The AUTP Certificate (2 years) seeks to prepare graduate students interested in pursuing a career in academic teaching for the demands and rewards of university teaching. The AUTP program provides graduate students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of teaching and learning and to practice teaching in a supportive environment. Through interactive workshops, a practicum and the preparation of a teaching dossier, they will receive focused, practical feedback on their own teaching practice and develop skills and documents that will take them through their postsecondary teaching careers.

Completion of the AUTP Certificate Program involves 4 (four) components. There is no required order to the completion of program components, with the exception of the written reflection:

1) WORKSHOPS: Participation in a minimum of 10 (ten) TATP-sponsored workshops within the 2-year period of registration in the program. At least four of the 10 workshops must be core sessions.  AUTP program participants must register separately for individual workshops of their choosing. See our Workshop Series Page for details and a list of currently-offered sessions.

2) TEACHING DOSSIER: Preparation and submission of a Teaching Dossier must be done one month before the end of the 2-year period.

You will receive credit for the dossier only when it has been approved by the TATP staff member. A follow-up meeting with a TATP staff member is required.

3) PRACTICUM: participants can choose either to submit a Scholarly Paper for AUTP certificate or to perform any combination of 2 (two) of the following options:
a. Microteaching I: Presentation Skills
b. Microteaching II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery
c. In-class Observation

4) WRITTEN REFLECTION: All AUTP registrants must submit a Written Reflection following completion of the AUTP certificate program requirements in order to receive their AUTP Certificate. The Written Reflection assesses the value and impact of the overall AUTP certificate program. The Written Reflection must be submitted before the 2-year period ends. No certificate will be issued until the Written Reflection has been received by the TATP office.

Students interested in completing the AUTP Certificate must first register for the certificate program itself, so their information may be entered into our database. Once registered, students can then sign up for individual workshops.