Supporting Documentation (TA) for Shortlisted Candidates

TAs under consideration (meaning shortlisted candidates) for this award will be asked to provide ALL the following documentation in an award dossier (please note this is not a teaching dossier). The entire package should be no longer than:

  • a cover letter summarizing why you are a strong candidate for the award and outlining the contents of your nomination package
  • an abbreviated CV that includes a summary of all teaching experience
  • one or more letter(s) of support from a faculty member familiar with your teaching
  • a teaching philosophy statement addressing your beliefs and practices about teaching and learning in your discipline (information on Preparing Your Teaching Philosophy Statement is available)
  • sample teaching materials, each of which should be contextualized by a brief description of how it relates to your teaching philosophy, practices, or strengths. Examples might be (NOTE: all materials must have been drafted by the candidate, not a faculty member or Course Coordinator; not all of these examples are necessary):
    – sample lesson plan for a tutorial or class
    – sample quiz or test
    – examples of exam questions
    – examples of essay questions
    – instructions for an in-class activity
    – selected slides from a lecture or tutorial presentation (with lesson plan or talking points; do not include full slide decks)
    – tutorial syllabus
    – instructions for an individual assignment
    – unsolicited emails from students from a course TA’d between Jan 2020 and Dec 2021 – course evaluations (if available) from a course TA’d between Jan 2020 and Dec 2021

NOTE: All identifying information of your students should be removed. First names are okay; full names, email addresses, etc., are not.

NOTE: We do not expect that all candidates will have examples of all of the above.

DO NOT INCLUDE MATERIAL FROM CURRENT STUDENTS. This would include emails, letters or student work.

Please include a COVER LETTER (one page) with the supporting documentation package. In your cover letter, clearly indicate:

  • program of study
  • courses you are TAing
  • brief overview of the contents of teaching dossier
  • please indicate your names of faculty nominators

The statement and the materials provided must have been prepared by the TA, not a colleague or the Course Coordinator.

Additional letters or emails from students or faculty members may also be included. Shortlisted candidates must submit all materials to Natasha Ng (, accompanied by a COVER LETTER, by April 8th, 2022 at end of day (5:00 pm).