Supporting Documentation (CI) for Shortlisted Candidates

The shortlisted nominee must submit the following: 

1.Reference letters 

  • At least one faculty reference letter. 
  • At least one student reference letter. 

** These letters can be the same ones that were submitted with the original nomination; however, they must be re-submitted with the rest of the documentation 

2. Statement of Teaching Philosophy 

3.Teaching Materials 

  • course syllabus 
  • sample assignment instructions 
  • sample lesson plan 
  • examples of summative evaluations (test, quiz, exam, final project) 
  • a detailed summary of available course evaluation data 

The shortlisted nominee may also include additional teaching materials such as: 

  • sample communications with students (e.g. unsolicited emails from former students, instructions or advice emailed to former or current students) 
  • sample feedback to students 
  • examples of student work (anonymous) 
  • departmental feedback on teaching and letters of observation 
  • examples of effective TA coordination (e.g., meeting agendas or minutes, sample instructions for TAs, course resources designed for TAs, sample communications with TAs, suggested grading rubrics) 

The teaching and additional materials can be from current or previous appointments but again cannot include any information (emails, feedback, course work) from current students. 

NOTE: All identifying information of your students should be removed. Full names, email addresses, etc. 

Please include a COVER LETTER (one page) with the supporting documentation package. In your cover letter, clearly indicate: 

  • program of study 
  • courses for which you hold a CI position 
  • what documentation is being provided, and the rationale for supplying the selected teaching materials (i.e. what qualities or teaching strengths are the materials meant to demonstrate) 
  • the names of faculty nominators 

The teaching philosophy statement and all materials provided must have been prepared by the CI, not a colleague or the Course Coordinator. 

Additional letters or emails from students or faculty members may also be included. Shortlisted candidates must submit all materials to Natasha Ng ( by April 8th, 2022 at end of day (5:00 pm).