Eligibility Criteria (CI)

Please attentively examine the eligibility and ineligibility requirements before putting in an application. This award recognizes CIs who have contact time with undergraduate students. 

To be eligible, all of the following requirements must be met.  The CI: 

  • has an appointment between May 1, 2021 and April 29, 2022 
  • has held at least one previous appointment as a CI, prior to January 1st 2022. Preference will be given to CIs who have held more than one appointment. 
  • is currently enrolled (in good standing) in the School of Graduate Studies and is a member of Unit 1, 2 or 4 of CUPE 3902 on May 1, 2021.  

** Nominees that have been previously shortlisted for a TATP CI award are eligible.  Previous winners of the TATP TA award are also eligible.  


If any of the following apply, the CI is ineligible.  The CI:  

  • is completing their first and only CI appointment during the January 2022 semester.  
  • is not enrolled (in good standing) in the School of Graduate Studies, and/or is not a member of Unit 1, 2 or 4 of CUPE 3902. 
  • is being nominated for the CI award for a head TA appointment, or for an appointment that they co-facilitate with another instructor.  
  • is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Unit 1 or 5, or a Sessional Lecturer in Unit 3.  
  • has previously won a TATP CI award.  

If you have any questions about multiple instructors in a single course (e.g., multiple sections with separate instructors), please contact natasha.ng@utoronto.ca.