St. George Workshops

Students registering in the TATP Certificate Program must attend a minimum number of  workshops in order to qualify for the certificate. Please see the TATP Certificate Programs page for more information.

If you register for a TATP workshop, please ensure that you are able to attend or that you send your regrets with sufficient notice. Typically, TATP workshops have waiting lists and we would like to accommodate as many people as possible.

The TATP Workshop Series and Certificate Program offer professional development for all TAs interested in building their teaching skills and knowledge. Participation in the Workshop Series or the Certificate Program is on a VOLUNTEER basis only and cannot be counted as paid training without the prior knowledge and consent of the hiring department. Please see the job training page for more information.  Talk to your department about paid training before attending a workshop and get the form signed by your department before coming to a TATP session. Please note, if you are taking a workshop for paid training, it will not be counted toward the TATP Certificate program.

All workshops begin ON the hour (not at 10 minutes past)

TATP Workshops

TATP Teaching Dilemmas: Brown Bag Lunch Series

Quercus Training and Support (TBA)

TATP Workshops

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TATP Teaching Dilemmas: Brown Bag Lunch Series

Do you have a dilemma, challenge, or question about teaching? Have you been experimenting with new teaching techniques in your classroom, or would you like to try out a new technique and talk it through with some of your colleagues and experienced TATP facilitators? Bring your lunch and join us to troubleshoot your teaching concerns, brainstorm creative solutions to your teaching conundrums or questions, and share strategies for teaching in your discipline. All questions and ideas, large and small, are welcome!

Participation in one of these Brown-Bag Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions counts as one elective workshop credit towards the Certificate Program! (A maximum of one lunch can be counted towards the TF Certificate and up to two lunches can be counted towards the AUTP Certificate Program.)

There are two ways to participate in the Teaching Dilemmas: Brown-Bag Lunch ‘n’ Learn Series.

1. Registered Participants
If you would like your participation to count towards one of our certificate programs, please register using the links below. Please note that registered participants must:

  1. Be present for the whole 2 hours of the lunch.
  2. Indicate what their teaching dilemma/idea is at the time of registration and be prepared to raise it as a discussion topic during the lunch.
  3. Complete the Teaching Dilemmas Reflection Form at the end of the lunch (to be completed within the 2-hour session).

2. Drop-In Participants
You may also attend the Brown-Bag Lunches in a more informal capacity. If you are unable to stay for the full 2 hours, or are interested in participating in discussion and meeting fellow TAs but don’t have a pressing teaching dilemma, you are still welcome to join in. In this case, no registration is required – simply join us in the CTSI Boardroom (RL 4035) with your lunch! (Drop-in participation does not count towards the TATP Certificate Program.)

All sessions will be held in the CTSI Boardroom (4035)

Upcoming Sessions:

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Quercus Training and Support

More information and registration for these sessions can be found on the CTSI Quercus Training Page.