Microteaching I: Presentation Skills Builder

Each Microteaching I: Presentation Skills Builder session will involve 4 – 6 graduate student participants and 2 TATP facilitators. (One TATP facilitator runs the recording equipment and the other focuses on assessing the teaching presentation.) In this option, participants will take turns presenting for 5 (five) minutes (as “instructors”) in front of their peers (their “students”) and a TATP facilitator. Each presentation will be recorded. Immediately following each teaching presentation, the recording will be played back in the session in front of all participants. Upon viewing the 5-minute video, each instructor will provide a brief, 2-minute verbal self-assessment, stating what he/she thought worked well in the presentation and what she/he thought could be improved. The instructor will then receive brief verbal comments from each peer in the session and comments from the TATP facilitator. The instructor will then end his/her session with a final self-assessment in light of the comments just received. Time will be given to all participants to fill out a feedback form for each instructor; each instructor will keep these written forms at the end of the session as well as a form completed by the TATP facilitator.

Because the amount of time allotted each teaching presentation is limited to 5 minutes, this microteaching option seeks to provide participants with feedback primarily on their oral communication skills. Time management and interaction with the audience will also be assessed.

PLEASE NOTE: No DVDs will be burned for participants in the Microteaching I: Presentation Skills Builder sessions. All of the recordings are viewed in the session itself. As soon as each session ends, all 5-minute teaching presentations are deleted from the TATP recording equipment.

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