In-Class Observation Request

Please note:
1) You must book your in-class observation at least THREE (3) weeks in advance.
2) TATP will not book any in-class observations during the last two weeks of the term.
3) You must provide 3 options (dates and times) for a visit.

When you have submitted your request, a TATP staff member will contact you to:
1) Confirm a date and time
2) Arrange a time to talk before the observation to review your needs and concerns
3) Arrange a time to for a follow up meeting.

    Please note, this is not a requirement. It is a matter of personal choice and how you think an in-class observation will benefit you most
  • Please provide three (3) possible dates (including times) when a TATP staff member could visit your classroom:

  • Option 1 Date
  • :
    Option 1 Time
  • Option 2 Date
  • :
    Option 2 Time
  • Option 3 Date
  • :
    Option 3 Time